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A.Temelkov, Chairman of the SeGA: We are still working on the security of e-identity

The growing number of users in the Interregional Exchange System makes me optimistic that we are going in the right direction, says the agency

When we talk about e-government in Bulgaria, one of the most serious weaknesses is that the e-identity problem has not yet been solved at a level that guarantees security of e-services. I will not be wrong if I say that in this hall no more than a third of the participants have an e-signature, and here are gathered specialists, people dealing with new technologies. This was stated by Atanas Temelkov, State Agency for Electronic Governance (DAEU) Chair at the Black Sea Conference "Digital World - Today and Tomorrow", which took place in Sofia Tech Park. In the context of the motto of today's conference I will allow myself to announce something in advance - in the test period we are on a new module based on a qualified electronic signature (QES) and integration with e-authentication that will allow the user to access e-services and to make an e-payment via its mobile device, without worrying about the fact that data will be uncontrollably accessed, the chairman of the EASE announced.

We roast at a time when we see new technologies every day. Unfortunately, a large number of them remain in the presentation rooms and their application is hampered by administrative and financial difficulties and in practice they are not used. Statistics show that Bulgaria's administration, business and citizens are lagging behind in digital skills and are having difficulty using new technologies. A problem that should be seriously addressed, explained Atanas Temelkov.

The latest data from the end of May indicate that 476 administrations, 63 registers of central administrations are registered as users in the RegiX exchange system and as a consumer there are 168 reports with about 1.5 months. transactions monthly. Every day, new administrations are involved in this system, which makes me be optimistic that we are going in the right direction, emphasized the chairman of the ESAU.


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