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Bulgaria signed the OECD's Declaration for a Reliable, Sustainable and Inclusive Digital Future

The Deputy Minister of e-Government, Blagovest Kirilov, signed on behalf of Bulgaria, the accession of our country to the Declaration for a reliable, sustainable and inclusive digital future of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

The adoption of this document took place during the closing session of the Digital Economy Committee, which is being held in Gran Canaria, Spain.

"The signing of this declaration is an important moment on Bulgaria's path to full membership of our country in the OECD. Even more so today, when the presidents of the EC, the European Parliament and the Council signed the declaration on the digital rights of all Europeans. A big day for every Bulgarian citizen and his rights in the digital world," said Deputy Minister Kirilov.

He emphasized that the declaration places particular importance on digitization, as a process with profound and transformative effects on societies and economies. This process can lead to great economic and social prosperity, well-being and sustainability, as well as to address global challenges.

Countries that adopt the declaration commit to work together with all stakeholders to promote a safe, secure, inclusive and sustainable digital environment supported by an open and free Internet.

The document highlights the leading role of the OECD as a place to share knowledge and experience in digital policies and practices and establish international cooperation that puts people at the centre.

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