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DAEU calls: Request services electronically. More than 370 e-services are available on the portal

More than 370 services for citizens and businesses of central, regional and municipal administrations are now available on the portal.

In order to limit the contacts and the gathering of customers at the counters, the State Agency for Electronic Government calls on the users of services to request, pay and receive them electronically through the Portal for electronic administrative services at the State Agency for Electronic Government http: // Over 370 services for the citizens and businesses of central, district and municipal administrations.

The submission and service of documents electronically, related to the provision of electronic administrative services, is also carried out through the System for secure electronic service, maintained by the State Agency for Electronic Government The access to the System is carried out through the NSSI runway, physical or cloud electronic signature.

For questions related to information systems through which administrations provide electronic services to citizens and businesses, as well as internal administrative services, you can contact the DAEU Support Contact Center at a single telephone number for the whole country 0700 20 341, every working day from 9 : 00 to 17:30, by phone (+359 2) 949 2388 and (+359 2) 949 2392 (from the country and abroad), as well as by e-mail of the Center, at .


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