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DAEU will cooperate with the IT community in the field of cybersecurity

The trust between the state and the IT community in Bulgaria is built through dialogue, with proving expertise, with confidence in who can be useful to the state.

The State Agency for Electronic Government is constantly looking for expertise from outside, so that we are aware of what is happening from a technological point of view and be able to be adequate to the decisions we make. This was stated by Krassimir Simonski, Chairman of DAEU during the online discussion on "IT community for civilian control and independent participation of experts", which was hosted by the Agency.

DAEU develops the policy that structures the state in the field of cybersecurity. In recent months, we have seen the expectations for us to build secure and quality systems of the state. Effective civic participation in policy formulation, implementation and monitoring is key to any democratic society, stressed Krassimir Simonski. He thanked and confirmed that he accepted the outstretched hand of the IT community, and that a working mechanism for joint cooperation in the field of cybersecurity would be sought. The President of DAEU appealed to all experts in the IT community to submit timely signals in case of detection of vulnerabilities in the information systems of the country, informing the National CERT Center at the Agency.

The online discussion was attended by Miroslav Stefanov, cybersecurity expert at DAEU, Yasen Tanev, entrepreneur and co-founder of the Bulgarian Association for Business Software Development / BARBS /, member of the Digital National Coalition Association and coordinator of the Cyber ​​Security Council at the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce. Georgi Ivanov, entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Noble Hire - a platform for finding and offering IT jobs. They expressed opinions on whether and how the independent participation of cyber and IT experts in cybersecurity policy is taking place.

Miroslav Stefanov - DAEU opened a new page in cybersecurity. We have prepared a plan that the Agency will work on in the coming years. We must be aware that the question is not how everyone can protect their house individually. There should be an exchange of information and experts looking for joint solutions. It is necessary to have a partnership between the state and business, and within the powers of each of us, to help the state where greater expertise is sought. At the moment, DAEU cooperates with experts from the IT community, who work on certain tasks, give opinions and advice.

Yasen Tanev - The most important thing is the attitude of the state to the IT community and the trust we will build with each other. We will help the state, not only as experts, but also because we are motivated citizens. And what motivates us is to have quality assignments to attract more people. I appeal to all IT experts who want to become part of this volunteer movement to contact us. We will form a team, we will initially analyze the public information, we will show good and bad practices, we will develop several good projects so that we can build a quality interface. We have a written action plan to prepare with a minimum failure rate. When we have a contact point on the part of the Agency, the Community will share information, solutions, weaknesses identified, for which it is better to have prevention in order to avoid accidents. Cybersecurity is a shared responsibility and we must keep together, because the more unprepared and digitally exposed we are, the more risky we are.

Georgi Ivanov - Trust is built through transparency. I urge that there be an exchange of information between the Community, in which between 40,000 and 50,000 programmers work on rough accounts. There will always be 100 people, top experts who are ready to participate with their expertise and help. But there must be clearly defined rules and it is clear what are the commitments of each of the experts on the specific project and the time interval in which they must complete it. Because these are people who have their permanent and well-paid job.

You can see the online meeting HERE


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