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It is now possible to issue electronic white prescriptions from a smartphone or tablet

All doctors who are members of the Bulgarian Medical Union (BLS) can now issue electronic white prescriptions from a smartphone or tablet.

This became possible after, at the request of the Ministry of Health, "Information Service" AD developed and launched the eRx mobile application. It was presented by the official minister of e-governance, Georgi Todorov, and the official minister of health, Dr. Asen Medzhidiev.

"All our efforts are aimed at maximum relief for the patient, to save his time and walking around the institutions," said the Minister of e-Government, Georgi Todorov. According to him, with the launch of the eRx mobile application, general practitioners will also be greatly relieved.

Minister Medzhidiev thanked the Ministry of e-Government and Information Services JSC for the active work and efforts made in the direction of e-health care and refuted the criticism of the office for stopping the digitization process, stressing that these practices and innovations will continue not only with this, which was the subject of today's press conference.

The mobile application will issue white prescriptions from a mobile device even when a doctor does not have a computer available. From any point, any doctor will be able to write a prescription that automatically enters the patient's electronic file. The paper prescription will be retained for the time being to enable every single person to have access to health care.

There will also be a change in the TELK system in the direction of facilitating the path of the patient and the medical personnel. It is now possible to send an electronic medical referral for TELC to the regional card file for medical expertise. At the moment, over 266,000 electronic directions for TELC have been issued. In this way, all corrupt practices and delays will be reduced to a minimum.

Until now, over 28 million electronic prescriptions have been written through the National Health Information System, 25 thousand of which are "white" prescriptions.

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