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MEU is a partner in a project to stimulate innovations in healthcare in South-Eastern Europe

The Ministry of e-Government is a partner in a new European project that aims to stimulate innovation in Southeast Europe by creating a regional data space for smart healthcare and a sustainable local ecosystem in Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus and Romania.

The VELES project will develop cutting-edge technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things for the benefit of personalized medicine, informed decision-making and the improvement of health services.

MEU is a natural partner in such projects in view of the open and spatial data policy and sees in this an opportunity to accumulate knowledge, experience and good practices in the field of intelligent healthcare. The Ministry hosted the first meeting of project partners. The four-year project is financed by the Horizon Europe program.

The project includes 15 partners from 7 countries, with its focus on Bulgaria, Romania, Greece and Cyprus. Partners from Sweden, Spain and Germany will participate in the process of transfer of experience and good practices. VELES is developing a strategic framework and new methodologies to create opportunities for collaboration and sustainable development of data-driven innovations in healthcare. These include a research and investment strategy as well as an action plan to develop and implement safe and innovative solutions supporting the provision of sustainable health services.

VELES will demonstrate the capabilities of the regional data space for smart healthcare through the implementation of four interconnected pilot projects focused on the treatment of cancer (Greece), Alzheimer's (Bulgaria), brain tumors (Romania) and dementia (Cyprus).

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