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MEU will participate in the development of the new European secure DNS service

The Ministry of e-Government, represented by CERT Bulgaria, is one of the thirteen members of the international consortium that will develop the new more secure component of the EU's Internet infrastructure, named DNS4EU. Representatives from ten EU member states will partner in the consortium.

The DNS4EU project is part of the EU's vision to strengthen the EU's digital independence and will act as an alternative to DNS services offered by non-European tech giants. The main task before the European Commission is to develop a project to ensure the protection of users' data in the digital space of the Union, while adhering to the highest standards of privacy and security.

The goal of the large-scale DNS4EU project is to build a secure, European privacy-compliant DNS system that recursively integrates with available DNS services. Although unknown to the majority of users, DNS services allow web browsing to be done through domain names instead of the so-called IP addresses representing sequences of numbers.

The European Commission plans to include over 100 million people in the new EU-based DNS Internet platform. The development of DNS4EU will follow the concept of upgrading the current infrastructure of the telecommunications sector and ISPs with new publicly available DNS servers. The service will be offered free of charge to citizens and institutions, and enhanced premium security services will also be offered.

On January 10, 2023, at 11:00, an online press conference will be held by representatives of the consortium, at which the project will be presented in more detail. To register follow this link:

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