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More than 140 administrations can exchange documents electronically

Until November 1, 2018, all administrations and their territorial structures must discontinue the paper-based exchange of documents.

By February 2018, 144 were the administrative structures that could exchange documents electronically. Among them are 26 institutions of the central administration - ministries, agencies and state commissions - as well as half of the district administrations. More than 70 per cent of the real participants in the electronic messaging system, supported by the State Agency for Electronic Management (EAD), are municipal administrations.

Under the government's proactive measures to drastically reduce the administrative burden on citizens and business, all administrations and their territorial structures should stop the paper-based exchange of documents by 1 November 2018.

The State Agency for Electronic Governance regularly publishes information about the actual participants in the electronic document exchange in the "Administrative Information / Electronic Document Exchange" section. In the same section, institutions can find the necessary documentation and the conditions for quick access to the electronic messaging system.

DAEU reminds that administrations that do not have their own document flow systems can use the e-Delivery system by creating one-time profiles of their system. More information and instructions can be found at: The secure electronic delivery system is also available through the user interface:


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