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SAEU has issued practical guidelines for the long-term storage of electronic documents

The physical and technical condition of electronic documents and their media shall be checked at least once a year

Administrations should store in their administrative information system all incoming, outgoing and internal electronic documents, as well as provide daily automated backup of those documents, which are stored on a medium other than the administrative information system, encrypted with their public keys. These are part of the Practical Guidelines for the Long-term Storage of Electronic Documents in the Administrations approved by the Chairman of the State Agency for Electronic Governance. The long-term storage of electronic documents must be carried out for a period of not less than 20 years.

The electronic records, which are subject to long-term storage, form the electronic archive of each administrative body. They must be provided in an archive file. The Practical Guidelines indicate the permissible file formats, the three different versions of the archive file, and the data supported for each electronic document.

The physical and technical condition of electronic documents and their holders shall be checked at least once a year by officials designated by an act of the head of the relevant administrative authority. Recommended activities that ensure long-term retention of electronic documents are migration, refresh and copying.

The practical guidelines have been developed on the basis of the provisions of the Law on Electronic Governance, the Law on the National Archival Fund, the Regulation on Exchange of Documents in the Administration and the Regulation on the General Requirements for Information Systems, Registers and Electronic Administrative Services. They aim to facilitate the work related to the long-term preservation of electronic documents, to maintain the legal validity of documents, to reproduce them despite the risk of compromising the medium of the document and regardless of future technological changes, and to ensure the traceability of all operations related to electronic documents.

The practical guidelines are published on the web-site of the DAEU at:


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