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The Cabinet adopted an Updated Strategy for the Development of Electronic Governance in the Republic of Bulgaria

The Cabinet adopted an Updated Strategy for the Development of Electronic Governance in the Republic of Bulgaria 2019-2023, together with an Updated Roadmap for its Implementation and the Concept for Registry Reform, through amendments and supplements to Decision No. 163 of March 21, 2014.

The updated eGovernment development strategy reflects the development of the eGovernment regulatory and institutional framework, the guiding European principles and the adopted strategic documents in this field at European level in the period after 2014. It should serve as a framework on the basis of which establish policies by policy area and set goals and activities by central and territorial administrations.

The updated Roadmap 2019-2023 includes priority measures for the implementation of the strategic objectives set out in the Updated Strategy, responsible institutions and the envisaged financial resource. Mainly, the financing of the measures will be implemented through EU operational programs and through the state budget. It is important to note that a new approach has been taken - measures in the area of ​​Justice have been incorporated to ensure interoperability, measures to overcome critical factors and to achieve effective and transparent e-governance are covered. The updated roadmap also reflects the implementation of projects and activities already started in the 2014-2020 programming period.

The purpose of the adopted Concept for Registry Reform is to optimize the organization of registers in the public administration and to reduce the costs of their maintenance, to ensure the official exchange of information and data for the provision of quality services, as well as to provide an opportunity for the provision of services. registry-based services from other administrative bodies. The concept is targeted at the registers of all central and territorial administrations, with the exception of those that contain classified information. Measures for its implementation are contained in the Roadmap for the implementation of the Updated Strategy.

By 2023, it is expected that every citizen will be able to communicate effectively with the public administration electronically by receiving easily, securely and reliably personalized administrative services.


Updated strategy for the development of e-government in the Republic of Bulgaria

Updated roadmap



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