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The Cabinet has required administrations to expand their digital services with e-government resources

Until November 30th, all administrative bodies will register their profiles in the Electronic eService System (e-Service), maintained and developed by the State Agency for Electronic Governance

By November 30, all administrative bodies have to register their profiles in the e-Service Safe System, maintained and developed by the State Agency for Electronic Governance (EAE), the government decided. This provides a technological opportunity to interact electronically between citizens, businesses and administrations, as well as to request and deliver electronic administrative services and send and receive electronic documents to and from administrations.

In addition to registering in the system, administrations should develop their own internal rules and procedures for receiving and sending documents and messages electronically within the same timeframe.

The e-Service system is part of e-government resources and allows sending and / or receiving as well as storing electronic documents and messages for / from public authorities, individuals and legal entities. Communication via the system replaces the classic method of delivery of letters and is in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 910/2014 and the Electronic Governance Act. The e-Service system is capable of receiving notifications by e-mail and by SMS for sent and handed documents. Access to it takes place after a one-time registration through a qualified electronic signature and the RIS of the National Social Security Institute.

Through the e-Service system, the Electronic Administrative Service "Providing an e-mail service" is provided free of charge to citizens and businesses. All administrative bodies can integrate the e-Service system into their information systems or use it through a user interface at


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