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The courts will send e-subpoenas through the SAEU Secure e-Service System

The courts will be able to send summonses, notices and papers electronically at will, using the System for Secure Electronic Service of the State Agency for Electronic Government

The Supreme Judicial Council decided to allow the courts, at the discretion of the administrative heads, to use the DAEU System, and this should be explicitly stated on their websites. The system will be fully used if the lawyers also register in it, but this is already a matter of good will, the SJC believes.

As early as May this year, DAEU announced its readiness to provide access to the courts, after submitting an application for accession by the Supreme Judicial Council. The system for secure electronic service allows to send messages and documents contained in them, as the authorship, the moment of sending and receiving (service) are certified by a third independent party - DAEU, through qualified electronic and time stamping. An electronic receipt is also issued through the System. The capabilities and security of the CJEU have been demonstrated to some of the SJC, which have ascertained its reliability.

At present, there are over 92,000 registered individuals, over 5,100 companies, over 1,290 administrative structures and over 4,600 persons performing public functions and organizations providing public services. More than 600,000 messages have been sent.


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