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The municipality raises the prices of a number of services and fees in Ruse

A number of fees and services provided by the Municipality of Rousse will be increased by amending Ordinance 16 of the Municipal Council. The proposal will be considered at the session in September. The reasons are that most of the prices have not been updated for years.

The issuance of different types of civil status certificates - for address, for heirs, birth certificate, for marriage, etc., will be charged at three rates. The usual service for 72 hours will cost BGN 5, the fast service for 24 hours will cost BGN 10, and the express service up to 6 hours will cost BGN 15.

Parking in paid municipal car parks is also becoming more expensive. For one hour a car will pay BGN 1.20, and a truck up to 3.5 tons - BGN 3.60. Fees for one day will be BGN 12 and 18, respectively, and for one month - BGN 60 and 84. .

When lifting the car from the "spider" and moving it to the parking lot of OP "Utilities" there will be a fee of 2 levs per completed hour of stay.

The fee for carrying out commercial activity in the open air has not been changed since 2008 and at the moment BGN 3 per sq m per day or BGN 32 per sq m per month is paid. The amount due for 30 calendar days, calculated on a daily basis, should be BGN 90. The current monthly fee of BGN 32 is 64.45% lower. Therefore, the proposal is to keep the fee per day in the same amount, and when paying a fee per month to use a preference of 50% and it will be BGN 45 per sq.m.

So far, the ordinance has had two charging methods for placing tables and chairs in front of dining and entertainment facilities - by type of table or per square meter. For the placement of a summer garden, a fee of BGN 0.60 per sq.m. per day or a monthly fee of BGN 7.50 per sq.m. was paid. It is proposed that the daily fee be BGN 0.70, and if paid per month - BGN 10.50 per sq.m. The second method of payment by type of table will be dropped.

The dog fee will be linked to the castration activity to reduce the population of stray animals. Until now, the amount was BGN 25, and now dog owners will pay BGN 60 each. The calculations are based on the prices for neutering a dog - BGN 45. for men and BGN 80. for women, and the new fee will cover these costs.

Changes are also being made in the culture. Ticket prices for the International Festival are set from 6 to 30 BGN, and for students and pensioners the tickets will be 6 BGN each. There are also various discounts for purchased tickets for a minimum of 5 or a minimum of 9 concerts.

Two new services are being introduced in the History Museum. A family ticket is created with the right of access to two expositions at a price of BGN 7, as well as a ticket for an activity carried out by the museum independently or with another organization - from BGN 2 to 20 per item.

The reliefs for use of halls and spaces from the Revenue Building are expanded, as well as exemptions from payment and organizations that implement projects financed under the Culture Program of the Municipality of Rousse. The reason is that the funds for cultural projects are provided from the municipal budget.

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