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An opportunity has been created for the municipalities to carry out inspections of TEMC decisions through RegiX

State Agency for Electronic Government creates an opportunity for all municipalities to carry out inspections in the Unified Information System for Medical Expertise in the RegiX Interregist Exchange Environment

Municipal administrations will have the opportunity to check the citizens, with decisions of the TEMC, who have requested an electronic service "Submission of an application for voting with a mobile ballot box in the elections for MPs on July 11, 2021", according to Art. 37, para. 1 and 2 of the Electoral Code. The report covers only expert decisions of the TEMC, issued in the period 2013 - 10.2020.

To all municipalities, DAEU has provided access to RegiX ex officio, of which they have been notified by e-mail. In case of problems with the access to the Inter-register Exchange Environment, every weekday and on weekends until July 11, 2021 you can contact the Auxiliary Contact Center of DAEU on national phone 0700 20 341.


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