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DAEU calls: Request services electronically. More than 370 e-services are available on the portal
More than 370 services for citizens and businesses of central, regional and municipal administrations are now available on the portal.
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DAEU will check the availability of websites and mobile applications from the public sector
The State Agency for e-Government is launching monitoring and checking the websites and mobile applications of public sector organizations for accessibility for consumers, in particular for people with disabilities and the elderly.
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The municipality raises the prices of a number of services and fees in Ruse
A number of fees and services provided by the Municipality of Rousse will be increased by amending Ordinance 16 of the Municipal Council. The proposal will be considered at the session in September. The reasons are that most of the prices have not been updated for years.
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DAEU will control the costs of ICT and e-government in the administrations with a new information system
The State Agency for e-Government will exercise in an entirely new way transparent control over the appropriateness of the costs for ICT and e-government in the administrative bodies at the levels of budgeting, planning and implementation of projects and conducting public procurement for information systems.
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New 30 datasets will be published on the National Open Data Portal of DAEU
With its decision the government approved a List of 30 data sets by priority areas to be published by several different administrations by the end of 2020 on the National Open Data Portal of the Republic of Bulgaria, which is maintained by the State Agency for Electronic Government.
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SAEU provides access to a new electronic one-time assistance service through a centralized request
State Agency for Electronic Government provides access to a new electronic one-time assistance service for citizens of the Social Assistance Agency: 421 "One-time assistance under the Rules for Implementation of the Social Assistance Act", through the Single Portal for Access to Electronic Administrative Services services
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