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Raising Awareness

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Current actions on electronic document flow between administrations from 1 November 2018
From 1 November 2018, the administration's obligation to fully electronic document exchange enters into force
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Centralization of management and control and widespread use of shared resources will be an emphasis in eGovernment policy in the coming years
Insufficient human resources in the area of e-government and ICT become a sustainable problem that will deepen, the chairman of the EAEA predicts.
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DAEU recommends accelerated modernization and completion of shared e-government resources
The Government approved the Status Report and the Annual Plan for the Development and Upgrading of the Information Resources in the Administration and the EESM.
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Registered users in the secure electronic delivery system exceed 10,000
At present, the e-Service system, maintained by the DAEU, provides access to individuals with data from 11 registers with 23 reports.
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Centralized provision of a wide range of electronic services foresees the first sectoral strategies for e-government
Centralized provision of a wide range of electronic services and full digital interaction with users provides for the first sectoral strategies for e-government approved by the President of the SEEA - the Customs Agency and the NSSI.
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Citizens can now see and control how institutions use their personal data
The service is available through the secure e-service system
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