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Raising Awareness

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New 60 sets of data of public importance will be published for public use
So far, over 500 organizations have published a total of 8,685 data sets in the national portal
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The Agriculture Fund has launched the Electronic Services System
The first published information is for applicants under Measure 10-Agroecology and Climate and Measure 11-Organic Farming
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The Cabinet has required administrations to expand their digital services with e-government resources
Until November 30th, all administrative bodies will register their profiles in the Electronic eService System (e-Service), maintained and developed by the State Agency for Electronic Governance
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Administrations are required to accept electronic documents and statements issued and signed as electronic documents
EADE has issued Practical Guidelines to administrations to facilitate them in implementing the provisions of the E-Governance Act
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Current actions on electronic document flow between administrations from 1 November 2018
From 1 November 2018, the administration's obligation to fully electronic document exchange enters into force
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Centralization of management and control and widespread use of shared resources will be an emphasis in eGovernment policy in the coming years
Insufficient human resources in the area of e-government and ICT become a sustainable problem that will deepen, the chairman of the EAEA predicts.
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