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The result of a joint project between DAEU and the NRA is the new website of the Revenue Agency

The result of a joint project between the State Agency for Electronic Government and the National Revenue Agency (NRA) is the new, mainly restructured website of the Revenue Agency, which is now available to users.

The site uses the infrastructure and software of DAEU, according to the Agreement between the two institutions from 2019 for a free right to use federated portals in the Unified portal for access to electronic administrative services of DAEU. In addition to using the functionalities of the environment in which the Portal was developed, the NRA has the opportunity to create separate pages for the federated portals, for the purposes of various communication campaigns or separate subpages for the various territorial structures of the administration.

The State Agency for Electronic Government provides the NRA with access to the content management system, which is an integral part of the technological platform on which the DAEU e-Services Portal is built. The structure of the developed new template on the site of the external portal for the needs of the NRA, which is federated in the infrastructure of the DAEU Portal, will be adopted as a single standard for building federated portals and the rest of the public institutions.


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