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Administrations are required to accept electronic documents and statements issued and signed as electronic documents

EADE has issued Practical Guidelines to administrations to facilitate them in implementing the provisions of the E-Governance Act

In connection with specific citizens' alerts regarding the provision of electronic administrative services by administrative bodies, the State Agency for Electronic Management (EAD) issued practical guidelines to the administrations to facilitate the implementation of provisions of the Law on eGovernment. The guidelines concern the work of administrations on the acceptance, issuance and signing of electronic documents, as well as ways of interacting with physical and legal persons, users of administrative services.

The DAEU reminds that the administrative bodies are obliged to accept electronic documents and statements issued and signed as electronic documents, in accordance with the requirements of the Law on the Law and the Electronic Document and Electronic Certificate Services Act. "Electronic Document" means any content stored in electronic form, in particular a textual or audible, visual or audio-visual recording. Under the ZEL, the integrity and authorship of statements made electronically is established by the electronic signature placed on the electronic document, unless otherwise provided by law.

Persons empowered by law or duly empowered to make electronic statements on behalf of the administrative body should sign, by qualified electronic signature, the electronic documents they issue.

Upon registration of an incoming electronic document received by the administration of the administrative authority, a confirmation must be sent to the applicant for receipt thereof. Confirmation is an electronic document that must contain a unique register identifier of the received document; the time of receipt of the electronic document and access to the electronic document and any documents attached to it.

The Practical Guidelines are published on the website of the EAU at:


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