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The MEU adopted rules regarding the participation of registered representatives in the process of authentication of voting machines

The Ministry of e-Government adopted rules regarding the participation of registered representatives of parties, coalitions, initiative committees and non-governmental organizations in the process of authentication of voting machines.

The process of authentication of the software and hardware of the voting machines aims to establish whether the devices meet the requirements laid down in Art. 213a, of the Electoral Code. In order to make the process more transparent, the Ministry of e-Government will admit the registered observers to the CEC's public register, in accordance with Art. 213a of the IC, to the trial, according to the accepted rules.

They determine the order in which observers gain access to the premises where the activities of testing, checking and assessing the conformity of voting machines are carried out.

The monitoring of the registered representatives on the list of the CEC takes place in a controlled environment - separate, protected physical premises, inaccessible to unauthorized persons. Video recording is not allowed during the surveillance.

The teams of the Ministry of e-Government, the Bulgarian Institute of Metrology and the Bulgarian Institute of Standardization, which are engaged in the certification of the voting machines, will prepare and present to the observers presentations on the activities of testing, research, verification and assessment of conformity, for to ensure that the security of sensitive information is not compromised.

Rules regarding the conditions and requirements for the participation of representatives of parties, coalitions and initiative committees registered to participate in the elections, of Bulgarian non-governmental organizations that have registered observers, and of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in the process of certifying compliance under Art. 213a, para. 2 of the Electoral Code

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