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DAEU and BSMEPA call on business to be included in the study Cybersecurity in the SME sector

DAEU and BSMEPA call on businesses and employers

In the period from September 16 to October 8, 2021 the survey will be available at this link - HERE

The answers to the questions will serve to create a complete picture of the state of the level of cybersecurity and cyber defense on the part of business, and so far such an analysis has not been made in our country. The initiative aims to show to what extent and how small and medium-sized businesses in Bulgaria deal with cyber attacks, what is the level of cyber protection after the Kovid pandemic and work from home, to whom employers turn, and how to deal with the challenges associated with cyber security, as well as their responsibilities for protecting the databases they work with.

A detailed analysis of the data will be presented in October, which will serve DAEU and BSMEPA to initiate and undertake various initiatives aimed at improving the level of cyber awareness and cyber protection in Bulgarian enterprises.

The number and complexity of cyberattacks and cybercrime is increasing across Europe and this trend will continue to intensify in the future. That is why the two institutions call on the companies in the country to be active and to participate in the survey.


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