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The digital transformation of the administration is now irreversible

The main state registers are already connected and "talking", and citizens and business can already communicate digitally with the administrations

The digital transformation of the administration is now irreversible. In less than two years, nearly 1,000 administrative structures have already exchanged documents electronically and administrations are already working much faster. The main state registers are already connected and "talking", and citizens and business can already communicate digitally with administrations through eGovernment systems. This was announced by Atanas Temelkov, Chairman of the State Agency for Electronic Management (DAEU), who launched the 20th anniversary edition of the annual e-government conference. The Forum under the heading "E-Governance for Sustainable Development" is under the patronage of Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Donchev.

The removal of paper exchange will continue with municipal enterprises and other public service structures, added Atanas Temelkov, who outlined the main results in the field of e-government at the moment.

Over 60 major state registers have already been linked through the centralized system for the exchange of data between RegiX registers. More than 300 administrations now access data from registers by business process. More than 700 structures have declared joining the system. Only from the beginning of 2019, more than 2.7 million were made through the centralized system maintained by the EASO, instead of the relevant circumstances being requested on paper by citizens and companies.

More than 16,000 are already users of the secure electronic delivery system, also supported by the agency. Through a system that allows full digital interaction with administrations, users can apply for virtually any administrative service, the chairman of the EAEU said. Using the electronic service system could actually reduce the number of administration counters, Atanas Temelkov added.

The e-government system in the Republic of Bulgaria already has a unified architecture, the chairman of the ESAE said. A summary is to be published and access to the overall document will be regulated, which will determine the direction of development of the information resources of the administration, including on the life cycle of resources, development and upgrading of shared infrastructure and others.

Atanas Temelkov also reminded that the Cyber ​​Security Act is in force since the end of 2018, and Bulgaria will now have an adequate institutional architecture for cybersecurity within 2019. Responsible institutions are identified in all aspects of cyber security and their roles - in terms of network and information security, cybercrime and cyber-attack.

It is working on amendments to the E-Governance Act, which will reflect the results of the two-year work of the State Agency for Electronic Management, Atanas Temelkov announced. In his words, some of the planned changes are aimed at improving the management of information resources, such as information systems without planned maintenance, will be taken out of operation and this will be imputed to the responsibility of each administration.

An update of the Strategy for the Development of e-Governance and its Roadmap for the period 2019-2023 is also being prepared, Temelkov added to the participants in the conference. Among the main accents in the strategic document will be the possibility for citizens and businesses to have access to a wide range of electronic administrative services centralized, from one point to a single model, electronic identity "for everyone and for everything", completion of the state cloud infrastructure and provision of cloud services through the State Hybrid Private Cloud, the development of the so- proactive services for citizens and business, and others. The draft of an updated strategy is due to be publicly debated.


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