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Bulgaria, Northern Macedonia sign first-ever e-declaration on co-operation in e-government

Declaration on Cooperation in the Field of Electronic Certification Services and Electronic Identification was signed today, April 4, by the Minister of Electronic Government of the Republic of Bulgaria - Bozhidar Bojanov and Admirim Aliti, Minister of Information Society and Administration of Northern Macedonia. The cooperation document is the first one signed electronically.

"The declaration is one of the many steps in our joint work with the Republic of Northern Macedonia. We want to achieve much more and see real results," Minister Bojanov commented during the signing. "We will cooperate and achieve significant results from our joint work," said Minister Admirim Aliti.

Within the framework of the signed Declaration of Cooperation, the two countries will share good practices and exchange experience between the central government bodies in the field of strategic planning of electronic certification services and electronic identification, programming, management and implementation of programs under the European Union instruments. external assistance. The aim is to build administrative capacity in the partner institutions.

The document also envisages exploring the possibility of concluding a memorandum aimed at settling relations related to the mutual recognition of electronic certification services provided by certification service providers in Bulgaria and Northern Macedonia. Bulgaria and Northern Macedonia will be mutually recognized in both countries.

A joint working group of representatives of both countries, at the managerial and expert level, is established; There will be trainings, seminars, expert working groups, as well as study visits in the fields of cooperation, exchange of information and documentation.

The Declaration signed by Minister Bojanov and Minister Aliti does not affect international agreements and other commitments of both parties, as well as those arising from Bulgaria's membership in the European Union.

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