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Citizens can now see and control how institutions use their personal data

The service is available through the secure e-service system

Every citizen can now check which of his personal data included in public registers and how they are used by administrations.

The provision of personal report of a natural person for access by third parties to its data available in the registers, in the middle of mežduregistrov Exchange RegiX "e available to users in the system for secure electronic service (https://, maintained by the State Agency "e-governance" (DAEU).

Registration can be made with a qualified electronic signature (EPC) or personal identification code (PEAK) of the National Social Security Institute. At the present time have registered nearly 10 000 individuals with access to data from the register 50. Continues the process of accession of new registers.

In this way the Bulgarian citizens can carry out effective quality control and the grounds for access to their data by the Community institutions. The service was created at the initiative of the Deputy Prime Minister and Tomislav DONCHEV DAEU. It is in line with the provisions of the general regulation of the EU data protection, e-Government Act, and the regulations for its execution.


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