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The Agriculture Fund has launched the Electronic Services System

The first published information is for applicants under Measure 10-Agroecology and Climate and Measure 11-Organic Farming

The Electronic Services System (SEU) of the State Agriculture Fund is already in place. Through it, farmers can track the data of inspections carried out by external institutions as well as other data related to the conditions and control over the payment of subsidies.

The first published information in the system is for applicants under Measure 10 "Agroecology and Climate" and Measure 11 "Organic Farming" from the RDP 2014-2020. Beneficiaries can check the condition of plots, apiaries and animals as well as data from the Executive Agency for Selection and Reproduction in Animal Breeding (IACRZ) and the Directorates of the National Parks for Campaign 2018.

The data is available in the Electronic Services System of the Agriculture Fund, which is available after registration of an individual user. If the applicant does not have an account created, it is necessary to submit a user registration request via the link under the "User ID" field.

After filing the application, he should appear in the Regional Directorate of the Agriculture Fund to identify and access his activation.

When identifying discrepancies in the data, candidates may refer to the supervisor with whom they have signed a contract with the directorate of the respective national park which issued them the grazing permit or the IACSR.

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