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MEU participates in a pilot project of the European Cyber Security Agency for the training of cyber-experts

The Ministry of e-Government participates in a pilot project of the European Agency for Cyber Security - ENISA. The project envisages providing free access to an e-learning platform to 45 cyber security specialists from the state administration.

"Access to the platform is provided by ENISA, and a popular commercial virtual environment containing multiple courses has been chosen, which has proven its quality and experience in the transfer of specialized knowledge. Through this pilot project, costs of over 80,000 euros will be saved for the Bulgarian administration. At the same time this will ensure training at an extremely high level, by using modern electronic methods to increase qualifications," explained Petar Kirkov, National Cyber Security Coordinator.

The project will continue until the end of the year. After evaluating the effectiveness of this approach, a decision will be made on further projects to increase the qualification of experts in Europe, in the field of cyber security. "The lack of sufficiently qualified personnel is a community-wide problem, as already in 2019 research shows that there is a shortage of more than 290,000 experts in the European Union," added Kirkov.

The ENISA project aims to improve the skills and develop the expertise of employees in the field of cybersecurity. The aim is thus to achieve a rapid development of the capacity of the organizations themselves, so that they are better prepared to react to the various, constantly changing cyber challenges.

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