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The process of trusted software build and hash code generation of the voting machines has been completed successfully

The hash code generation process and the trusted build of the voting machine software, which will be installed for the vote on October 2nd, have been successfully completed. The trusted build was carried out by CEC experts in the secure environment of the Ministry of e-Government.

To ensure the security of the software, it is locked by a password consisting of three different parts, which are kept by three different members of the CEC. It can only be unlocked after all three members of the CEC enter the parts of the password correctly.

After a series of processes, the hash code for the machines was also successfully generated, which is the same for all voting devices. After exercising the vote, the hash code is also written on the voter's control receipt, it must be identical to the code written on the machine. It is this that ensures that the vote exercised by each citizen on a given machine is valid with submissions.

The process was attended by both international observers and those of the political parties registered for the purpose in the CEC. "Unfortunately, the number of political party representatives who show interest in the machine authentication process does not match the interest they show in the media as comments about the voting machines. If they wanted to scrutinize the process, there should be more representatives to join it." , said the official deputy minister of e-government Blagovest Kirilov.

For the purpose of greater transparency, for the first time ever, the entire process was broadcast live on the Facebook page of the Ministry of e-Government, and journalists were also present.

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