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DAEU expects by the end of March to double the number of administrations that can exchange documents entirely electronically

The expectations are towards the end of March this year. the number of these administrations to double and reach 300, announced the chairman of the DAEU Atanas Temelkov at the round table "Electronic governance and the Internet of Things".

More than 150 administrations can now exchange real documents electronically. The expectations of the State Agency for e-Government are at the end of March this year. the number of these administrations to double and reach 300. This was announced by the chairwoman of the DAEU Atanas Temelkov during the round table "Electronic governance and the Internet of things", which takes place in the capital.

"By the end of March, we expect 100% of the Ministries and their Subordinate Structures to join the Electronic Communications Interchange Center and from April to the exchange between them to be real," predicts Atanas Temelkov. The deadline for all administrations is 1 November 2018, Atanas Temelkov reminded and urged the administrations to be active and not to wait for the last possible moment.

The chairman of the ESAE pointed out that nearly 60 per cent of the legislative base has a direct or indirect relation to the e-government processes and more changes are to be made to limit the administrative burden on citizens and business. Atanas Temelkov reminded that in 2017, priority measures were taken to reduce the administrative burden by dropping the paper requirement of the 12 certification documents issued most frequently by the administrative structures. By the end of March, most of them will be dropped on paper and an analysis of the next most common certification services (more than 15,000 times a year) that are to be provided on an official basis is underway.

"These services will be identified with priority as quickly as possible and can easily be transformed into intra-administrative ones with the currently available solutions - RegiX and data exchange between individual information systems," said the President of the ESAU.


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