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New 60 sets of data of public importance will be published for public use

So far, over 500 organizations have published a total of 8,685 data sets in the national portal

The government has approved a list of 60 new data sets on priority areas of public relevance that will be published on the Open Data Portal until March 31, 2019.

According to the submitted by the administrative bodies in 2018, a major part of the new data is in the sectors of justice, agriculture, food and forestry, health, finance and reporting, environment, national statistics. Free access will be the register of the technical passports of the constructions, the data about the inspections carried out by the NRA and the results thereof, the planned centralized public procurement to be launched by the Central Purchasing Authority at the Ministry of Finance, the number of persons serving a deprivation penalty the number of detained persons in arrests and those sentenced to probation, the statistics of organ transplants in the medical establishments in Bulgaria, the register of branch organizations and of the national branch organizations in the forestry sector and a number of others.

Under the Access to Public Information Act, public sector organizations publish for re-use public information they collect, create and maintain in an open, machine-readable format.

So far, over 500 organizations have published a total of 8,685 datasets in the national portal that allows the full retrieval of published information or parts of it.


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