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The national CERT has registered 2100 cyber incidents in Bulgaria in 2020

2100 cyber incidents have been registered in and from the Bulgarian Internet space in 2020, according to statistics of the National Computer Security Incident Response Team (National CERT) at the State Agency for Electronic Government

This is an increase of 9 percent compared to 2019. The highest percentage of registered incidents due to fraud - 47 percent, followed by incidents with malicious code (malware) - 38 percent. The national CERT has prepared and sent over 18,617 e-mails with instructions and recommendations for resolving network and information security incidents.

The cyber attacks in 2020 were aimed primarily at health authorities, with the number of phishing attacks related to information about COVID-19 increasing in April-June. Financial institutions were also affected, with RDDoS attacks predominating. They receive threatening letters asking for ransom, accompanied by a brief demonstrative DDoS attack.

Due to the new way of working, there is an increase in the exploited vulnerabilities in the software for organizing and conducting online meetings and trainings, as well as in the software for remote access. In many cases, this has been used to distribute ransomware, which has led to serious problems for administrations. This necessitated a change in security policies, increased and introduced new, additional measures when working from home, according to the National CERT.


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