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Current actions on electronic document flow between administrations from 1 November 2018

From 1 November 2018, the administration's obligation to fully electronic document exchange enters into force

The exchange of electronic documents is realized through direct communication between the electronic document circulation systems of the participating administrations under a technical protocol determined by the chairman of the State Agency for Electronic Management (EAD).

Participants in the exchange are all administrations registered in the Administrative Register.

Applicable regulations include:

- Ordinance on the general requirements for information systems, registers and electronic administrative services;
- Technical protocol for exchange of electronic documents, according to Art. 18, para. 1 of the Ordinance on the general requirements for information systems, registers and electronic administrative services from the middle of 2017;
- Decision No. 357/2017 of the Council of Ministers, which obliges the administrative authorities to bring their systems for electronic document circulation in accordance with the technical protocol.

The obligation to use electronic document flow takes effect from 1 November 2018.

DAEU established an organization and provided the Electronic Communications Interchange (EMS) system, which is used and maintained in a common network environment. The Agency also provided officials who actively support the process of joining administrations to electronic document exchange.

All information regarding electronic exchange is published and updated on the website of the State Agency for Electronic Management. Technical files for developers that are needed for their systems are also published.

In order to fulfill the obligation of full electronic exchange of documents between administrations from the beginning of 2018, the EAEA carried out a series of information meetings and events with the ministries, state agencies and commissions, the regional and municipal administrations. The State Agency for Electronic Management is in constant contact with all administrative bodies in connection with their accession and the work with the electronic exchange.

In order to regulate the procedures for the exchange of documents through the CEA, the provisions of the Ordinance on the exchange of documents in the administration should be observed. The heads of administrations which define internal rules for the circulation of electronic documents and paper documents should pay attention to the following:

1. Officials shall be identified before electronic flight documentary systems issued in accordance with the Order on Electronic Signature Certificates in Administration.

2. In an electronic document signed with an electronic signature, his registration number shall be entered before signing by electronic signature, in order not to compromise the validity of the signature.

3. The electronic document shall be in a format allowing the graphic representation of the electronic signature.

4. If the subject of an exchange is an electronic document - a hard copy of the electronic image, its full and accurate compliance is certified after scanning by signing with an electronic signature by the employee who carried out the removal.

5. The size of the files exchanged via CAM should not exceed 10 MB unless there is a prior arrangement between the parties for the technological possibility of accepting files with a larger volume.

6. Files with format-specific and large size-specific administration are exchanged through the CEAA upon prior arrangement between the parties.


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