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Open data is a strategic resource with huge potential for the public sector and business

Public policy in the open data sector, as a strategic resource with huge potential for users from the public sector, private business, academia, citizens and the non-governmental sector, was presented during the 19th edition of Open Fest 2021, dedicated to free software, open source software and free knowledge sharing, which took place in Borisova Garden in Sofia.

Open data is public information collected, created and maintained by public sector organizations that can be used freely, re-shared and shared by anyone for different purposes. Of these, the most significant are the high-value datasets, which are documents whose reuse is associated with significant benefits for society, the environment and the economy. They are provided free of charge, in machine-readable formats, via an API (application-program interface) and, where applicable, in the form of downloadable information arrays. Despite its potential, the use of open data in our country is unsatisfactory, commented Reni Borisova, an expert from DAEU. Therefore, we are looking for various information channels to inform citizens and businesses where and how they can request and use the resource of published open data on the DAEU Portal. The information that is published on the Portal is collected and processed by reliable sources, such as administrative bodies, in connection with their regulatory obligations, Borisova explained. He stressed that it is extremely important for all stakeholders in the process of publishing open data on the DAEU Portal to cooperate, to have joint initiatives, to regularly exchange information, experience and knowledge.

The interaction of the society with the digital world and information technologies was the focus of this year's Open Fest 2021. This one-of-a-kind forum was attended by IT specialists, representatives of the academic circles, non-governmental organizations.


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