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DAEU will check the availability of websites and mobile applications from the public sector

The State Agency for e-Government is launching monitoring and checking the websites and mobile applications of public sector organizations for accessibility for consumers, in particular for people with disabilities and the elderly.

A Methodology for monitoring and checking accessibility has been approved by the Chairman of DAEU, in accordance with the established European methodology.

The obligated persons at national level, who must provide easy access to their websites and mobile applications, are the administrative bodies, the persons performing public functions and the organizations providing public services, according to art. 1, para. 1 and 2 of the Electronic Government Act. When building an accessible web environment, principles and techniques should be observed when designing, creating and updating websites and mobile applications in order to make them more accessible to users, in particular people with disabilities, and to make the content easily accessible. perception and use. Consideration should be given to the various impairments, including visual, auditory, motor, cognitive, that may affect the normal access of this category of users.

Bulgaria has introduced into its national legislation the requirements of the European Directive 2016/2102 on accessibility with amendment and supplement to the Electronic Government Act and the Ordinance on the general requirements for information systems, registers and electronic administrative services, which has been in force since January 2020.

From October this year, DAEU will begin monitoring and verification of certain samples from websites, and from June 2021 - of mobile applications of public sector organizations. In the inspections, the agency will also rely on the contribution of people with disabilities, who will test websites with the assistive technologies they use. Initially, the so-called simplified surveillance that will identify barriers that prevent people with disabilities from accessing web content. The DAEU Methodology for monitoring and checking accessibility describes the monitoring methods, the tools that will be used for testing, the approach for determining samples from web pages and checking samples, a sample declaration of accessibility, recommendations for user interfaces. The documents are published on the website of DAEU-

The first monitoring period for websites and mobile applications ends in December 2021, and the results of the inspections will be reported to the European Commission.


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