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New 30 datasets will be published on the National Open Data Portal of DAEU

With its decision the government approved a List of 30 data sets by priority areas to be published by several different administrations by the end of 2020 on the National Open Data Portal of the Republic of Bulgaria, which is maintained by the State Agency for Electronic Government.

Among the data sets are the following registers: Public register of persons holding documents for carrying out waste activities; Register of properties with changed purpose; Register of registered tour operators and travel agents; Register of granted water concessions - exclusive state property and many others.

The data provided for publication are collected, stored and provided by institutions of the central and local administration. Following surveys and consultations with data users, data sets are included in the List, which are defined as data of high public value. The responsible public sector organizations are obliged to update the open data published on the Portal in case of any change.

According to the requirements of the Law on Access to Public Information, public sector organizations publish for re-use the public information they collect, create and maintain in an open machine-readable format. The publication of the data on the National Open Data Portal achieves better transparency and accountability, improves the use of published data, as well as the access of citizens and businesses to public information.

The Open Data Portal was established in 2018 and is a single, central, public, web-based information system that provides the publication and management of reusable information in an open, machine-readable format, together with the relevant metadata (categories, document number). , title and other indications, author, addressee, date of creation of the document, etc.). The data on the Portal are freely available and can be used for commercial and non-commercial purposes. State Agency "Electronic Government" develops and upgrades the updated Open Data Portal of the Republic of Bulgaria from the end of 2019.

The portal contains information divided into 14 topics, such as education, energy, transport, environment, regions and cities. More than 10,000 data sets have been uploaded to it, in an open machine-readable format, published by almost 500 institutions and organizations. Users' access to this data is free and easily accessible from both computers and mobile devices. The portal ensures that the open information that is published is collected and processed by reliable sources, such as administrative bodies, in connection with their regulatory obligations.


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