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SAEU and representatives of Bulgarians abroad will work together to implement the pilot electronic remote voting system

The aim is to guarantee the secrecy and integrity of the vote and to meet high standards of cybersecurity

To create a Working Group on the project "Building and Implementation of a Pilot System for Remote Electronic Voting", representatives of the State Agency for Electronic Governance (DAEU), Ombudsman of the Republic of Bulgaria Maya Manolova and representatives of the Bulgarians abroad have agreed. The Agency presented the activities carried out so far on the project, the changes in the legislation and the main challenges for its successful implementation. Representatives of Bulgarians living and working abroad voiced their criticisms of the inability to exercise their right to vote through electronic distance voting. They recommended greater involvement of the CEC in the remote e-voting project, to which the DAEU is a beneficiary, and expressed their willingness to be active participants in the working group, providing expert and advisory assistance in its implementation. The aim is to create a functioning remote electronic voting system that is trusted by citizens, guarantees the secrecy and integrity of the vote, and meets high standards of cybersecurity.


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