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Almost 50% of all administrative services are now available centrally electronically through the portal

My team and I have been able to achieve a lot in the past months. Within the office, we report a significant growth in the use of electronic services, limiting the paper process, saving money and time for every group of society.

Of all 2,571 administrative services, nearly 50% are now available centrally electronically through the portal. Of course, it would be difficult for us to implement everything without the support of other administrations - said the Minister of e-Government, Georgi Todorov, to

He pointed out specific results that the office has achieved in the field of electronic services: in recent months, over 2,300 electronic one-time benefits have been requested for students in the first and eighth grades through the Secure Electronic Delivery System. 667 have been requested through the intermediary "Bulgarian Post" EAD services for only 5 months through 5 post offices in sparsely populated areas. As the most requested service is "Allocating targeted assistance for heating". MEU jointly with UNSS developed an electronic certificate for students and pupils.

"The future will be increasingly digital and mobile. From a technological point of view, anything is possible. I would even say that we are ready to realize and to a large extent at the moment we are realizing all of this thanks to the horizontal systems that we maintain and develop." added Minister Todorov.

You can read the entire interview of Minister Todorov here:

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