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Municipality of Vratsa
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        Municipality of Vratsa

        The town of Vratsa is situated in northwestern Bulgaria at the foot of the Vratsa mountain, 112 km. north of Sofia, about 40 km. southeast of Montana and 14 km. northwest of Mezdra.

        In different historical eras the city of Vratsa has developed as a significant social, market and cultural center. The traces of human activity in these places date back to the New Stone Age. The first inhabitants - the Thracian Triballi tribe developed a high material culture, remnants of which are still present in the territory of Vratsa region. The unique objects found during archaeological excavations at the Mogilanska mogila in Vratsa, Bukyovtsi and Rogozen reveal interesting information about a thriving ancient civilization. The Romans who valued the geographic and strategic location of the lands around the Iskar Gorge turned them into an inaccessible fortress, controlling the shortest road from the Danube to the south and west and the rich ore deposits high up in the Vratsa Mountain. On the ruins of the fortress, the Slavs built a settlement, which they called "Vratitsa" - a fortress, important in the second Bulgarian state. In the Middle Ages it expanded its borders and became a big center with developed crafts and commodity-monetary relationships. Since then, numerous monuments of spiritual and material culture have remained. During the Renaissance, the town gave many bright personalities, leaving lasting traces of politics, diplomacy, national liberation movement, culture and education. These epochs, events and people are shown in the rich and attractive exhibitions of the Regional Museum of History.

        The city is the administrative center of a municipality and a district of ​​the same name. The Vrachanski Balkan Nature Park, located next to the town, offers great opportunities for walking and hiking. Vratsa is the starting point for the routes to Parshevitsa area and the Ledenika cave.

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